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ISO 9001:2000 certification
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I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for your warm support rendered to the company for a long period.

Our company was established at our current location in Hokkaido by Koumei Wada, who is our current Chairman in April 1970, as a company that specializes in valve maintenance.

Ever since that time, by providing maintenance and installation services for valves and pumps as well as their sales, we have grown by putting our technology to work to earn our customers’ trust.

We have faced many trials and obstacles in the past, but thanks to the warm support of our customers and business partners as well as the strong backing of the local community, our company has been able to stay on course and come through strong.

Because of the need today to more efficiently utilize our earth’s limited resources and protect our environment, we are convinced that our services are becoming increasingly relevant in improving the basic infrastructure needed to support modern society. As such, we have placed the environment among our top priorities, and with the customers’ trust which we have earned and our solid performance record, we are determined to stay on our path of steady growth. From the very first day of our founding, we have strived to follow the correct path by adopting as our motto “Our customers always come first”.

By contributing to the local society and industry in Hokkaido, we hope to continue growing and become a company that will always be in demand from society. We will also strive to make continual improvements so that our technology and human resources can provide 100-percent “satisfaction and safety” to our customers.

We hope that you will continue to extend us your support and encouragement and look forward to doing business with you.